Monday, March 12, 2007

A New Endorsement

We’ve all encountered people who are “ahead of their time.” They challenge us, inspire us, and often create consternation. The work of mission has, over the course of two millennia, adapted, innovated, and at certain times and places merely survived. It is clear that missions as we have known it, will be known in a different light in the days to come. Innovation in Mission is a rich thread in the fabric of change/innovation that will assist the reader to be “ahead of their time.”

David J Jahnke, Regional Director, Asia, BGC International Ministries

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Innovation in Content Sharing

One of the chapters in the Innovation in Mission book is written by Aaron Sandoval - then Communications Director for CAM International. He focused his innovation chapter on a project that he helped launch called This was a site to resource hispanic pastors with materials.

This concept of democratizing information in order to build networks, competencies and to move knowledge forward is huge.

I just saw another example of Aaron's innovation from MIT. They have recently opened up all of their courses to the public for free! That is right. You can view the outlines, book lists, class notes and much more on any course. Imagine how that democratizes knowledge.

Check it out at: