Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year with A New Perspective

To survive in these tough times, innovators must be persistent. We angle, cajole, network, present and smile our way into opportunities to share our ideas. This determination and spunk is part of what makes an innovator who they are.

But many times that drive is overtaken by pride and self importance. It happens so easily. We start out simply pushing an idea forward and before we know it, we have convinced ourselves that we deserve the success and the rewards that will eventually come.

So in this new year, I would like to present the antidote to this prideful tendency among us innovative types. The cure is brokenness. BROKENNESS???? "What kind of cure is that?" you might ask.

I asked the same question till earlier this year. That was when I read a book called "The Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards. I had heard about this book before, but God brought it to my attention through a sermon, a friend's recommendation over coffee and then through a vague memory of seeing this book in our storage closet. Well, my memory was accurate and I read the book quickly.

This book takes a unique look at Saul, David and Absalom. The first was an angry king who threw spears, the second was a broken king and the third was a rebellious king. The book shows David's brokenness and then challenges the reader to consider a broken life before God.

Up to that point, in many ways I had allowed the pride of innovation to rule the day in my life. But God used this book to show me what it meant to be broken. And what I have found in the process is that a broken person is an even stronger innovator. When you are broken before God, you accept that all ideas come from Him. You also accept that only the ones that God blesses should succeed.

A broken spirit does not push beyond God's direction and moves forward with courage under God's leading.

As each of you innovators begin your new year of work, what will be the driving force behind your work. Will it be your pride and self reliance? Or will you live a broken life before the Lord and ask Him to guide your efforts?

Blessings as each of you innovate in this new year!


Samuel said...

Jon, Happy New Year!

I am glad that you mentioned 'The Tale of Three Kings' as you explored the arena of brokenness. This book is a quick, thoughtful, and meaningful read. The realm of brokenness is a slow process of 'a death for independence', a re-creation of internal infrastructure, and a continual work on the inner life--if we would be so willing to allow God to do this work.

God lovingly provides brokenness so that we can be transformed to the likeness of His Son. This is innovation at work. Henceforth, innovation flows through and into our daily work.

You have commenced an important conversation, and I hope this will continue.


Jon and Mindy Hirst said...


Thanks for your comment. I like how you put love and brokenness together. We tend to think that being broken is a punishment, but in reality being broken is one of the greatest gifts we could ask for.

I will be writing more about incarnation and innovation in the coming weeks as well.



Global Nomad said...

Thanks, Jon for your insightful and penetrating article for the New Year. Such a challenge needs to become part of our daily experience, to keep us in the right place and effective as innovators.

Have already shared it and will continue to do so....

Warm regards,

Global Nomad