Sunday, December 07, 2008

Don't Think Because You Might Have To Act

So you come up with this idea that really has some potential. You go over it in your mind and the more you think about it the more excited you become. But the bubble of your excitement is quickly pierced when you realize that if this idea ever comes out of your mouth you will have to do it. Then in fear you stuff that idea deep down and breath a sigh of relief that it never made it out of your mouth.

Does this sound familiar? There is probably no one reading this blog posting that does not relate.

We live with the reality that an idea shared is an assignment given. People like our ideas but the message is clear, "Don't bring new ideas into the world unless you are ready to carry them out."

But there are a few big problems with this and I am afraid that this mentality has kept many from bringing innovative solutions into the light of day. Here are a few issues:
1. Many times the person with the idea is not the one gifted in its execution. God may have someone waiting in the wings to implement if only the innovator would be willing to share it.
2. New ideas don't always necessitate action. Sometimes a new idea helps to create different thinking and will have other benefits.
3. New ideas challenge people to step outside of their comfort zones. If people only bring up ideas they think they can execute, then people will not be challenged.

So next time you stuff that idea down because you are afraid you will be asked to make it a reality, remember that there are other values and reasons for being generous with your innovations!


Winfield said...

After watching Dr. Ron Cline challenge his team, I realized that all the ideas he had were not necessarily ideas he would personally execute. He was waiting to see who would pick up the challenge and say, "I'll do it!" As leaders we should listen to new ideas and see how to bridge one person's ideas to another to arrive at the same goal. Idea people feed off each other which means that everyone's ideas are important to accomplishing the task. The more people contribute to the goal the more possesive they become of the process to get there. We always need a team to accomplish God's will. Team leaders take peoples ideas and point them in one direction. That's why eveyones opinion or idea is crucial to the success of the project. If people are swallowing their ideas it's because they don't have a team with whom to share what God has placed on their heart.

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Great thought Winfield!

In a team environment where everyone knows each other's strengths and appreciates them, it is much easier to share an idea. In these types of environments an idea is seen as a blessing to the team instead of one more thing to do or to manage.