Monday, March 24, 2008

Clutterless Innovation

We live in a world where one more of anything is too much!!

We are overloaded, overcommitted, saturated, innundated . . .

So what is an innovator to do in a world that is crying for people to stop creating new things that they will have to pay attention to?

Here are some thoughts on how to innovate in a full world:

1. Even though people's lives are full, they want solutions to very specific challenges that they feel are a need. If you can identify a true need out there and speak to those people about your solution it will not be seen as more clutter.

2. Gone are the days when one tool works for all. Instead of broadcasting your innovation out generically, you will see better results by finding a smaller niche market.

3. Tie your innovation to something people are already using. If your innovation helps make another established resource more valueable, people will be more willing to add it into their lives.

4. Tell personal stories of impact with your invention. People don't want marketing hype. They want to see that a new idea/product/vision can help them with their daily challenges.

Finally, don't assume that anyone cares. Don't take anyone who you excite for granted. Each person who adopts your innovation is a huge milestone and it takes this one-by-one approach to really grow a new idea.


JC said...

Some of the most accepted innovations have been those that take the clutter and organize it or filter it for you. "Do not call" lists, spam filters and the like. How can your innovation take what is cluttered and make it more useful. Think of a cluttered minds... cluttered email boxes... cluttered desks... cluttered garages... cluttered mini vans... cluttered toy rooms... cluttered laundry rooms... cluttered closets...

Whole business exist because they have taken what is cluttered and made it useful again.

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...


Great comment. The key is to know your audience when you are creating. If you understand what excites them, frustrates them, focuses them, distracts them, then you can help create innovation for their lives.

In ministry, you can think about what gives people hope, fear, joy, love and innovate to create solutions that point people to Christ.