Monday, April 28, 2008

Do you have an Innovation Sherpa?

New innovations are coming at us quickly these days. With each new one, a whole new set of rules and realities must be digested and understood. That can get overwhelming so easily. In many ways, taking advantage of a new innovation is like a serious mountian climb.

You wouldn't consider climbing Everest without a guide, so why do we try to understand and utilize these new innovations without one? So in the spirit of getting help, I would like to introduce you to the idea of the Innovation Sherpa!

Actually these people are all over. They are those people who love to be on the leading edge. They explore a new innovation thoroughly and then come back to the bottom of the mountain to help others enjoy it as well. These people are like gold if you are a busy person. They will help you find the right trail and identify how this innovation can help you in your ministry.

I would like to introduce you to someone like this today. Chris Forbes runs a facebook group called "Facebook for Pastors" ( He is also the founder of his own company - Ministry Marketing Coach.

I would encourage you to join the group and learn from him as he helps church staff to climb the mountain of this particular innovation. You can also download a free E-book on how to use facebook in church ministry:

We all need guides. The intracacy of life is very tricky and getting help makes all the difference. Learn to identify the key Innovation Sherpas in your life and follow them, or you might just get stuck on that mountain!


Steve Spinella said...

I got a new idea from the facebook e-book you mentioned--linking my picasa web albums to facebook using a facebook ap.

But I'd be more interested in your posts if they were more conversational and less preachy/markety. I don't usually punctuate my conversations by telling my friends about contests...
and I'd rather hear you talk for a paragraph about one of your favorite ideas from your book than use catchy comments that lack real content. Then you can be my innovation sherpa ;-)

Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Thanks for the heads up Steve! What can I say, I'm a marketer at heart. But I will take your input to heart as well and give you a bit more as I have time.

Blessings as you innovate!

Paul Nethercott said...

Thanks Jon for your good work on this very important area of innovation in missions.

Warmly, Paul

Steve Spinella said...

One thing I think we both know, Jon, is that these forms of communication are known for their straight (and passionate) talk. I applaud you for being passionate about innovation, not to mention, life changing mission

Go, man!