Monday, August 09, 2010

Serving through An Interview

God give me work till my life shall end and life till my work is done. Amen. (Yorkshire Tombstone)
If you are in a career transition as I am, you are very aware that interviewing is a lot of work. You are networking, filling out applications, researching organizations, meeting with staff, praying about opportunities, taking assessments and the list goes one.
But for some reason we usually put interviewing and job hunting in a different category than "real work." We choose to treat it as a necessary evil that will hopefully result in meaningful purpose. But an innovator, if they are being intentional, will not view it that way. Instead, every job application, every hour of research, every in-person interview, is a chance for you to grow and develop your skills and ideas.
But more than that, every interaction with a potential employer is a chance for you to invest in them! If you are on a job hunt today, part of your job is to invest in those who are considering you. What does that look like? It might be the questions you ask in the interview. It might be an encouraging note or helpful article you send to the HR staffer you are working with. You might provide some key insight into that leader's challenges when he interviews you.
The challenge with viewing the job hunt as meaningful work is that you have to be satisfied with God's timing and results. If God's purpose in having you interview at a certain place was to give them an insight, then your work there is done. That is so hard for us goal-oriented people. We believe that the only worthy result of an interview is an offer. But in a day where offers are few and far between, I think we are realizing another level of how God can use this liminal time in our lives.
Is the job hunt the word God has set before you today? Don't waste this time of service! Look for every opportunity to serve God as you search.


leejohn0707 said...

Good word John! I'm in the same transition. One year today- since I've been employed. But, the Lord has helped me to pour into my kids during this time. Blessings on you in your search as well,

Kurt said...

Thanks for the great perspective,'s spot-on. Training ourselves to embrace the 'liminal times' by intentional listening and service is a valuable discipline that will bear fruit for years to come.

Ty Stakes said...'re an upbeat dude!! hahaha. Keep shining and trusting. Miss you...


Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Lee John,

Thanks for the note. Yes, God uses liminal times to help move our focus - if only for a season. Who knows but maybe this time with your kids will be looked back on as a very special treasure. Blessings as you search for that next opportunity to serve Christ in your career.


Jon and Mindy Hirst said...


Thanks for echoing that sentiment. I like your use of the word discipline. It is that for sure!


Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Hey Ty,

I miss you to brother! I hope things are well in Asia. All we can pray is that God gives us the strength to face each day and praise Him for it!