Monday, August 02, 2010

You Don't Get Authenticity By Association

I recently wrote a guest blog post for David Sheets. My post is about how you can't be authentic by association. That means that just because you spend time in a community, it doesn't mean you are an authentic part of that group. I specifically speak about this in relationship to engaging people with new ideas. Read on . . .

David runs Outlaw Sales Group and describes his work this way:

Outlaw Sales Group LLC (OSG) was formed to drive start-up ventures and established companies to excel in sales and business development. From consulting on sales plans, to helping set-up sales organizations, OSG brings experience and passion to each client relationship.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
This was a great article....I think it describes why your book Through the River resonated with me and my community so well. You created a visual handle for those of us who need that to process effectively. And it is such a good handle it will never leave my mind and probably continue to help explain and unravel world view/truth concepts as I encounter them.
Thanks Jon,
Lisa T.