Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mission Next Idea 1 - The Place of Money

"Money is less important in partnership for us than it is for you. We want respectful cooperation more than resources." David Ruiz

Money is always a challenge in culture isn't it? But do we all look at money the same way. David is saying that money doesn't necessarily hold the same value in every culture. There may be other values and things that you can bring to the table in a partnership with people in the Majority World.

What might a partnership that wasn't focused on money look like?

What does David mean by "respectful cooperation"?

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WilsonGlobal said...

It's all about relationships, isn't it?

I can remember planning and leading short-term teams where some folks would say, "Sending this team for two weeks costs SOO much money. Why not just send the money. That's what they need." Unfortunately, there is a lot of that mentality still around.