Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mission Next Idea 4 - Is Status Limiting Your Strategy?

This morning Steve Moore lead devotions and talked about the challenges to Servant Leadership. One of the key points he made had to do with status. He said so many times status keeps us from being servant leaders.

He said that we get status in the following ways:
- Status by Position
- Status by Association
- Status by Information
- Status by Exageration
- Status by Education

These status issues keep us from serving others. They keep us from passing influence and opportunties to others. These issues keep us focused on ourselves.

Do you get your identity from your status? Are you willing to give up status for the larger Great Commission Cause?

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Ty Stakes said...

Hard question, Jon. A challenge to our real sense of identity and humility. It would also be interesting to consider the value of status/position in Developing World cultures. It seems to me that in India and Indonesia, for example, title/position is VERY important; we westerners are much more egalitarian that most of them. And there are issues associated with their sense of status. Sometimes it is a challenging issue. One thing is sure, we need to model servant leadership in our missional partnerships.