Friday, September 26, 2008

Mission Next Idea 9 - Don't Glamorize

How do we correct the misalignments between the Global North and Global South without glamorizing the side that we are not on. People in the Global South glamorize life in the Global North. People in the Global North glamorize the dynamic ministry in the Global South.

One of our panelists said that we need to remember that we are all human. We all have strengths and weaknesses. The key is finding out who is passionate about what and empowering them in strategic ways.

How have you glamorized the other side of this globe? Think about your own thoughts and ideas.


WilsonGlobal said...

Just so I can completely understand terminology...

Is "Global North" synonymous with "Western world", and "Global South" synonymous with "Majority World"?


Jon and Mindy Hirst said...

Yes, there are many terms. Global North represents the Western industrialized countries and the Global South represents countries emerging - many of whom are in the Southern Hemisphere